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"I don't think we could have got through COVID without you"

Meet Megan and Stewart from Baulch Services. Despite the lockdowns in Melbourne, 2020 was still their best year in business ever! 

Hear how we helped Brock and Abby to grow 05 Electrics

We started working with Brock and Abby from 05 Electrics at the start of 2020.  Despite a really difficult year, hear how their business and lives have improved.

They're spending less hours working (and far less late-night invoicing!), they're now buying a new business, moving into a factory and the future is full of opportunity


Alex Tyson, iHealth Saunas

Highly recommend for anyone wanting their business to really work for them. It will take you to the next level.


Andrea Tomaselli

In just over a year Business Benchmark Group has helped my company STONE CULTURE to grow significantly and furthermore has set up programs, supported (emotionally and financially) and coached us, on a regular basis to be prepared and confront this pandemic by implementing strategies and tools to have a clear vision of our future in this difficult financial and personal times as business owners.
We recommend BBG to all business owners to be part of this community.


Luke Gordes

BBG is a fantastic organisation with a wealth of knowledge. They have been an amazing Buisness support / growth help. Not to mention life coaches and all around great people. Without them my company and my own skills as a director would not be what they are today. I could not recommend them highly enough.


Brad Teasdale, Teaslec

Business Benchmark Group has changed my life & is continually improving my business.

The support & guidance they provide with their professional service is amazing.

I couldn't have turned my struggling business around to a now profitable & efficient business without them.


Craig Hill

BBG have made us reconsider what is 'business as usual'. Their program to boost profits and refocus on what's important, especially in the new Covid normal, has been paid back tenfold.

Their excellent tools and real world guidance for business owners, such as cash flow forecasting and monthly financial reporting have been invaluable.



Fantastic advice, support and knowledge which has been even more important during this tough time. Thank you!